一个女生, 独立的, Episcopal day school in Tampa, 佛罗里达, educating students in pre-k through twelfth grade


The broad and deep academic curriculum is only the beginning of the student experience at Berkeley Preparatory School. 除了, there are many co-curricular activities for students in all three divisions, from pre-k through twelfth grade, including intellectually stimulating clubs, 竞技体育, 性能的集合体, 领导小组, 还有更多. These opportunities help students g行 into well-rounded individuals.



  • 在高级赛区, students can join our nationally ranked 辩论 Team, 无伴奏合唱, 行, 探索养蜂, 机器人, 和电影.
  • 在中学部, students can golf, try hydroponic gardening, and jo在 社区服务 Council.
  • 低级别联赛, students can learn Flamenco dancing, judo, improv comedy, and pickleball. 


The offerings change slightly from year to year, but take a peek below at some of our recent club options, 竞技运动队, 学术荣誉协会, 性能的集合体, 领导小组. We also encourage students who are passionate about a particular topic or activity that is not listed to start new clubs and groups. 


Student 俱乐部 在 新闻

Fox 13 新闻 visited Berkeley’s Center for Environmental Research and Experiential Sciences (known as CERES) to cover our thriving beekeeping club in 上师 and the 中间部门’s 海盗蜂公司, which produces honey and honey soaps. The “What’s Right With Tampa Bay” segment featured interviews with Tej Allada ’24, a member of the beekeeping club; Dr. 妮可Ackerson, Science Department Chair; and Jonathan Jordan ’08, Seventh Grade Academic Dean and Head Beekeeper.